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Ghana Camps

Presently, there are 110 active NFL players with notable African roots.


We aim to cultivate & revolutionize a new way of thinking in the minds of all players connected to the Motherland — those born in Africa and those who have allowed Africa to be born in them.


To make the most of their opportunities while utilizing their resources to build sustainable pathways between the NFL and Africa.


2023 Special Guest Coach

Head of Camp Operations
Troy Jones

Coach Troy began his professional career in sports in 1990 playing in an independent league for three years, before studying physiotherapy and launching his own performance enhancement coaching practice near his hometown in Maryland. He is currently based near Weston, Florida outside of Miami and is typically training 10-30+ athletes on a one-to-one and small group basis.

On a daily basis, Coach Troy combines over 50,000 hours of professional coaching education and experience with the latest cutting-edge technology for the benefit of his exclusive and private portfolio of clients. He works almost exclusively with professional athletes playing at the highest competitive levels in their respective sports, including preparing athletes for the NFL season, the NFL Combine or perhaps a world champion boxer for a title fight.

Opportunity Connected to Registration

Ghana Camp 2022

10 players from Ghana out of 49 total players from Nigeria, South Africa, Senegal and the democratic Republic of Congo.

11 out of 49 attendees, were invited to the NFL international player pathway combine in London.

4 were invited to the NFL Academy.

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